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Da 20m unser bestes Band ist, wurde dieses Jahr mal eine Single-Band-Aktivität durchgeführt, um den 20m-Weltrekord an unsere Station zu holen.

Call: DL6FBL
Operator(s): DL6FBL
Station: DR1A

Class: SOSB/20 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 23:30

Band CW Qs Ph Qs Countries Oblasts
20: 844 1398 106 75
Total: (844+1398=2242) x (106+75=181) Total Score = 2,433,364

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


I decided to try the 20m Single Band category this year. The WORLD HIGH SCORE was at roughly 2.0M points and 2.200 QSOs (4L8A last year). I thought I'll give that a try since 20m is the best band here at DR1A. It seems to have worked out... :-)

Propagation had the most influence on the progress - both in a negative, and a positive way. Negative impact of the GOOD propagation: not many people were on
20 meters when the contest started at 1200z, because everybody made use of the 10m and 15m propagation, of course. So I didn't have the high rates in the beginning that I had hoped for... Positive impact of the GOOD propagation: the band stayed open all night and produced good signals and good rates into North America long after propagation into Russia had died. (I took 30 minutes off in the 0300z hour for my personal maintenance, hi...) In fact my best rate hours were AFTER the band had died into Russia... ;-) All those QSOs were worth 5 points, and added up to a good score. Quite some people told me all through the night I was about the only station on the band doing the contest, and they just called in to say hello and give out a number... :-) Well, the contest evaluation software will have great fun with my log: I will definitely have the highest number of "Unique QSOs" of all logs: I counted 217 stations giving me 001, 90 stations giving me 002, and 63 stations giving me 003. This alone sums up to 370 out of 2287 raw contacts (equals 16 percent). Go figure... ;-)

Total number of Russian QSOs = 692 (=> 30,9%)

European Russia (282xCW + 199xSSB = 481)
Asiatic Russia (112xCW + 88xSSB = 200)
UA2 (5xCW + 5xSSB = 10)
RI1AN (1xCW = 1)

Total number of W/VE QSOs = 873 (=> 38,9%) :-)

Missed Oblasts: UA1P(NO), UA4U(MD), UA6E(KC), UA6P(CN), UA6Q(IN), UA9Z(GA), UA0I(MG), UA0J(AM), UA0Y(TU), RI1FJ(FJ).

73 Ben