The Team

Peter (DB6JG) and Markus (DJ7EO) originally founded the station DF0CG as a purely private station. The station is a member of the DARC - chapter Goch (L06), the main local activators are all member of this chapter. From 2005 onwards the callsign DR1A is used in contests. In the past years the station has steadily grown as has the number of fellow contesters. The list of HAM's who are regularly active from DF0CG/DR1A meanwhile is over 50 HAM's, who come from all parts of Germany and are members of more than 30 DARC chapters.

Regularly we also welcome foreign HAM's to our contests and joint working activities. This supports impressively the close to our heart laying encouragement and care of national and international friendships (international understanding) linked to the participation at radio sport activities. By continued observation and experiments of the hamradio frequencies the understanding of the communication ways is improved to organise message relays and international aid through the air in case of an emergency. In the case of a local disaster with total break down of public utility systems this is also possible through the availability of suitable backup power systems.

Currently we are working on the development and implementation of home made projects, that can not be bought off the shelf. We consider the project documentation as "Public Domain" and would be happy about any support also from new supporters, specifically in the fields of RF, hardware and system like software development!


The following members belong to the stations' inner circle:


Peter (DB6JG)



Markus (DJ7EO)



Ben (DL6FBL)



Jörg (DL8WPX, sk)



Thorsten (DJ6ET)



Mar (DL3DXX)



Jörg (DF6JC)



Bernhard (DJ7EG)


Besides the "hard-core" team there is also the expanded team, which consists of many people, who in recent years supported us in various active ways:


Peter (DJ7WW)



Kazu (JK3GAD)



Mark (DK2CX)



Helmut (DK6WL)



Chris (DL1MGB)



Tom (DL5LYM)



Irina (DL8DYL)



Ralf (DL9DRA)



Aurelio (PC5A)



Paul (DL5CW)



Carsten (DL6LAU)



Mike (DL2OE)



Bernd (DJ5EA)



Michael (DL9ECA)


Of course there are much more helpers, particularly fellow-contesters, just look-up and read the results of the various contests......