All the shacks are located in the basement. Every band has its own shack. Meanwhile the shacks are arranged comfortably with shelfs at different heights for the equipment etc. In the winter it's rather cold, but in the summer despite the basement location it can become quite hot in the truest sense of the word...

The shacks are all build up the same way:

80 m to 15 m:

  • 2 operating postions, tx-lock-out, both with PC/TFT, TRX, keyer and headset.
  • FT 1000D or FT1000MP
  • TRX-Manager
  • Antenna control equipment (rotors, switching etc.)
  •  PTT-indicatos of all Stations

On 160m and 10m there are just single operating postiions, the rest is the same as on the other bands.


15 m
20 m


DR1A - 2011/08/29 - 20:58