other rooms

We were inspired by the Belgian Contest Station ON7LR when planning the premises on the ground floor.

That's why there is a cafeteria as a social center. There is a fully equiped kitchen with cooker, microwave, dish washer and fridge. This is the place to eat, take breaks and of course to celebrate the end of a contest....


Sleeping accomodations are currently 4 bedrooms with 1 x 4 beds ("Seeblick" = Ocean View) and 3 x 2 beds ("Sonne" = Sun, "Mond"= Moon and "Sterne" = Stars).


The bathroom with toilet, sink and shower is also imported for ones well-being.....

For soldering jobs, cable assemblies etc, there is a well equiped workshop. Additionally there are two supply rooms. Apart from that we can also use the work bench of Peter to drill, saw, weld etc.


DR1A - 2011/08/29 - 20:10