"The final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL" - this old saying we also take to heart today. Every first time QSO, i.e. the first QSO on a band and mode, is confirmed automatically with a QSL card via the QSL bureau of the DARC, who's staff we would like to sincerly thank very much for huge amount of work.

The cards are produced and sent once a year. You don't need to send us a card. Additionally all contacts (till September 2011) are uploaded to LotW so that our QSO partners can have at least the electronic confirmation of the QSO very fast.

Also SWL reports we confirm willingly - by hand!

The last production was finished in June 2013, so that the cards should by now be arriving.


4. Design - Contest QSO's from 2010 to CQWWWPX CW 2013:






3. Design - Contest QSO's in the RDXC 2012 (special YL-operation):






2. Design - Contest QSO's 2008 & 2009:







1. Design - Contest QSO's for 2008: